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Thursday, 2 October, 2008

wall3dThank you for visiting our site, our blog. Over the years, there have been several sites and blogs that I have started, supported, and maintained. Few of them have areas where I could share my ideas and knowledge about what I enjoy to do- Security. Two years ago, I wanted to start a blog about the same passion. Instead, I set up my own personal site, which includes a blog also, but seldom I had the opportunity to write articles that can be beneficial to others or just my own babbling that most people don’t even care.

Less than a year ago, in the comfort of my apartment in Austin, Texas, I began to develop onto my stage server. I wrote many small posts and less interesting articles. However, they did not make it to production. Since then, I moved to California and with my server got lost in transit by the careless Vans line company that supposed to take care of my belongings.

Few months ago, earlier this year, I restarted building the same idea and wanted to put it to production. By the way, the domain name have been purchased for years. Few of my colleagues showed interest and also would like to start sharing their ideas, opinions, and experiences through blogging. So here is our site and we hope it will, in some way or another, help you secure your assets today – to prepare for tomorrow.

Welcome once again and enjoy!