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Phishing extended

Sunday, 11 January, 2009

Phishing comes from the analogy that Internet scammers are using e-mails lures to fish for passwords and financial data from the sea of Internet users”. And the term phishing was derived since hackers have a tenancy to replace “f” with “ph”.

In internet world phishing attempt originates when – a malicious user forges a website pretending your trusted site, for stealing personal information (user name/password/sensitive information). Those of us who blindly trust “emails from unknown sources” or “receive unknown links in IMs” becomes easy prey to such fraudulent attempts of identity theft. Motive behind such attempts are mainly for financial benefit, make easy money, access sensitive information, wide-spread marketing, causing damage etc. Any internet user can be at risk of being phished, having an Instant message-id or email address. Yes, this is one of the fastest growing problems within internet which creates billions of dollars of damage every year.

ISP plays an important role in protecting its users from phishing attempts. Also available in market are anti-phishing tools, browser add-ons protecting from phishing, etc. But the main responsibility lies with users education for  “safe clicking” practice.