2010: SecureToday

by: Zarex dela Cruz, CISSP, CISA on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 1:53 PM

So one of the many challenges about our website/blog is the time to catch up with all the many interesting articles and topics happening around the world. There are those great topics that we have drafted but never got a chance to publish them here. There are also those experiences that we are so dying to share here but never managed to get them on.

So there are always the challenges and trials that we have to go through. Once we pass the first, another comes, and the life cycle just go on and on and on.

And although many obstacles are there as may seem, we still have the passion to continue pressing on sharing and writing interesting security articles here on our blog. The old drafts that we have started will be rewritten and posted as we move forward. We still hope and believe it will help in small ways or another in your daily duty in securing today.

One thing that we have started doing is redesigning the site into a different look and add some features. It is part of the project team to do something different for this new year. And yeah, SecureToday is using Twitter. Follow us http://twitter.com/securetoday.

So this year 2010, we look forward in starting to provide you more helpful, relevant and interesting articles in securing your own today! Cheers!

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