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Secure your PASSWORD

Saturday, 14 February, 2009


One of the overlooked area many of us struggle with is password management. In our day to day computing activities, many of us would simply just use or chose to protect our assets with a simple password. These assets could be critical such as bank accounts, confidential data, or even health information. We are lacking the real work on password management.

passwordNow, just what is password management really is? Well, in its very simplest form, managing passwords!

In corporate world, there are various technologies that does password management. In fact, password management is covered in a good scope on many of books for the CISSP exam.

Now, before going deeper to it, let’s magnify our glass to the word password itself. Many, if not all of us know what password is. That’s the word you write on your sticky note and hide it underneath your keyboard. Kidding aside.

Password is the most widely and commonly used authentication mechanism. They are also considered the weakest security mechanism. Users would simply choose very easy passwords such as their date of birth, favorite color, their nickname, etc., that are easy enough to guess. Sometimes too, they give it away to their buddies or best friends.

It is funny yet interesting to see how users typically thinks security is not one of the most important part of their computer. Not until someone hacks into their computer or account, then that’s when security is all the frustrations.

So here comes password management to the rescue. Although the scope of this article will dive only deeper to day-to-day users of computers, emails and services; it will touch a bit on the corporate world where I will cover some of the best ways in managing password. Bear in mind, this article does not go deeper in how to implement SSO technologies or token devices and such.

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